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Correct Key performance Indicators (KPIs) can indicate the financial health, the customer satisfaction, marketing effectiveness, management effectiveness and operating costs. With KPIs, you can quickly identify any issues in the operations of the restaurant.  KPIs allow you to measure, evaluate and to make adjustments in  operations for the restaurant to improve efficiency.

Sales KPIs

Sales per Head

Sales per head is average ticket size for the restaurant at a particular time, like at lunch time or dinner time. 

Sitting Efficiency

Seating efficiency, i.e. seating the right number of people at the right table is essential for restaurants profitability. 

Table turnover

Table turnover is measured from the time a guest arrives to a table to the time he leaves the table. Quicker the table turnover, more the revenue. Table turnover can be quicken by having efficiency in kitchen and in food service. 


RevPASH stands for Revenue Per Available Seat Hour during a given time period

Retention or Repeat Visitor Rate

Kitchen KPIs

Menu item profitability

Menu item Popularity

Production time for menu item

Financial KPIs

Return on Investment

Total accounts payable and receivable

Above list of KPIs hardly scratches the surface of important metrics for restaurants business, there are many other important aspects to the internal audit, what would they be? 
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