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Business Systems Resources

We have developed the following frameworks for business systems. For further information kindly get in touch with us.

Types of Internal Audits

Industry Insights

Manpower Supply services

Manpower Services

In manpower supply industry, timely and correct billing and proper compliance and related reports are of critical importance. Managing cashflows makes big difference in this industry.  See an example of how cost savings can be done in manpower business.

Event Management Services

Event Management Services

In Event Management Services, Event wise Gross Profits earned is very important KPI. It is the profit earned over and above all the vendors payments and cash expenses incurred for a particular event. 

Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies

Robust business development system and team, continuous flow of work and continuous pitches can only survive Marketing agencies. Good business values in social marketing assignments are necessary for long run. 

Chemicals Traders

Trading in Chemicals

Proper costing of landing cost, monitoring stock age analysis and proper pricing is critical for this industry. Costing should consider Rental costs and Interest in account.

Software Developers

Software Development

Correct estimate of work delivery, timelines is very important as any mistakes in it may lead to losses in this industry. Proper planning of manpower is important. 

Office Equipments Dealers

Trading in Office Equipments

Meeting sales targets and earning all discounts and incentives, proper performance review and incentives can flourish businesses in this industry.


Hotel Industry

Online Room booking, Cash booking, house keeping and room services, stocks are important areas which need robust systems in Hotel Industry.


Restaurants Franchise Business

Stocks need be maintained properly. Cash needs to be balanced everyday. Consumption ratios are very important. 

3 Pillars of Strong Systems


A Great strategy, Analysis of business and customers and foresight can only create great business systems


Nowdays lot of softwares, software platforms are available which prove to be backbone of any business system.


Without peoples support no system can run smoothly. People need to educated to work in systems and they need to contribute to improve systems. 

B2S Score

Effective Data Analytics

Symptoms of Effective Data Analytics

  • Decision makers have direct and near instant access to data. 
  • Information workers spend their time analyzing data and understanding its implications rather than collecting and formatting data. 
  • Accountants focus on process and business performance improvement, not culling data from laptops, reports and transaction systems
  • Users never argue over whose numbers are accurate since they are drawn from a common pool of data available across the enterprise. 
  • A hypothesis can be quickly analyzed and tested without a lot of manual behind-the-scenes preparation beforehand. 
  • High-volume, mission-critical decision-making processed are highly automated and integrated.                                                                                         

Source: BCAS Publication

Cost Cutting, Really?

Real Cost savings mean expenses are reduced without affecting the efficiency, quality, quantity, customer delivery and customer experience. Businesses reduce costs without understanding this basic point. Many a times we find that cost cutting resulted into affecting business and customers as it was done without proper strategy behind it. For real cost savings which maintains customer experience and delivery quality, get in touch with us.

Cost Cutting

Cost Saving options:

1. Cost Saving Marketing options

70 Ways to Do Cost Control

There is lot of scope to reduce costs by help of each of these techniques. To learn more about each technique you may contact us.

Audit Checklists

Risk Mitigation

In today's emerging global markets, where technology changes everyday, competition being most fierce, regulatory environment being too complex, importance of Risks management has grown a lot. Organisations need to develop practical audit systems for it. Risks can be Financial, Compliance related, Strategic and operational. Organisations need to increase confidence in risk management systems by having data from diverse sources, use technology in right way and constantly analyse the changing situations. Following are few risks which need to assessed and mitigated. 

Financial Risks

There is constant pressures on CFOs to improve financial efficiency and reduce costs, use resources carefully. CFOs are made important partners in strategic decision making processes. They need to chose right software to handle finances, create right management information systems, make budgets and forecasts, initiate cost reduction programs, allocate capital in right manner, review and improve upon costings and pricing, study competitors and look for bench-marking opportunities. 

Financial Risks

Technology Risks

Technology is changing every day. It is causing the biggest disruption in business. Speed of change in technology is like never before. In today's global markets, none of the markets in any countries are safe from technology changes. We can take example of a trading company dealing in office equipments which had bought some equipments and its lying in their inventory. If any new technology emerges in that section of office equipments, the whole stock runs the risks of being not sold and trading comes runs the risks of dead stock.

Technology Risks