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Internal / Management Audits


Recent big financial failures make it essensial for the organisations to get the objective and independent assurance of their internal control systems and risk identification and mitigation strategies. 

Organisations need to determine whether their own team is capable for the ever changing risk profile, adopt best practices and insights from industry experts, test the audit plan and risk framework of the organisation.

Basic purpose of Internal Audit is to assess the effectiveness of controls and company processes. 

We help our clients with following things:

1. Cost efficiency

2. Identification of Risks and its Mitigation

3. Improvement in processes

4. Setting of Control Points

5. Identifying leakages in Revenue

6. Employee Performance Measurement

We deliver not just assurance to the Board, but add value to the entire organisation. We also help organisations with their Internal Audit Department (Internal Audit Co-sourcing) with following things:

1. Creating Internal Plan

2. Assessing effectiveness of IA department

3. Testing IA functions on random basis and reporting gaps