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Shrikrishna on Systems

12.11.18 03:22 PM By CA Jayant Kadge

Systems are Forever

Arjuna called Shrikrishna in early morning, "Gm Krishna, can we take a break today, i have certain urgent things on my plate today", Shrikrishna replied, " But i have schedule my day at your office, how can you know your day in morning?, Arjuna said," Sorry but i forgot that i have kept a audit review meeting at one of my clients and he texted me just now what time i am reaching his office ? and also i have to prepare my cashflows as my salaries are late by 3 days and employees are behind me", Shrikrishna said, " but meeting should be noted in calender, didnt you check your calendar earlier?, " i don't maintain calendar", Shrikrishna asked and Salaries should be done by your accountant, to which Arjuna said I dont have an accountant." Shrikrishna understood that Arjuna's office lacks some basis systems, that's why it is more unoprganised and inefficient. He was an opportunity to improve Arjuna's office. He allowed Arjuna half a day to finish his urgent work and they decided to meet at 4 at CCD, Andheri. 

At 4 Arjuna called Shrikrishna that he is stuck at Goregaon in traffic and will reach by 430. Shrikrishna was already at CCD but he didn't react and said fine.

Arjuna arrived and said sorry to Shrikrishna, he ordered 2 cappuccino for both and they started their discussion. Shrikrishna asked Arjuna to prepare his Calendar for the next whole month. Arjuna joked i am not sure where i am tomorrow and you want me to prepare calendar for whole month. That's impossible. Shrikrishna explained if you will have a calendar you will do things you want to do as per your convenience and if you don't have calendar you will do things as people want you at their convenience. Calendar will help to plan things better, prepare better for meetings, promise things and deliver as per planning. It will give more confidence to clients and employees and they will also respect your time. You will have more things done in a month. It all made sense to Arjuna. He started filling up his calender. He asked Shrikrishna that he will have to make to few calls to see peoples availability. Krishna said that's fine.

After 1 hour Arjuna could fill half of his calendar. He exclaimed if he goes by this calendar he will be very happy as he could cover so many things and still have spare time to enjoy doing things he loves. He asked what if actual things don't go as per calendar. Krishna said there is a possibility of that but even then Arjuna s productivity will be far better than not having any calendar.

Next Krishna asked Arjuna to appoint an accountant in office. Arjuna said it will increase his costs but Krishna said Arjuna will be free from mundane tasks and he will be able to focus on more important tasks which will increase his profits and compensate for increased costs for accountant.

They decide to leave for the day, Krishna said lets meet on Thursday evening. Arjuna said great will see you. Krishna said you are forgetting something. Arjuna thought for a while then laughed and then took out his mobile and put entry for Thursday evening meeting with Shrikrishna. Krishna smiled back and then they left.