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Shrikrishna on Values

12.11.18 02:57 PM By CA Jayant Kadge

Keeping Values above everything

Everything we do should be backed by some basic values. Our business is not different from our life. Business should be done only based on some principles. Values like Integrity, truthfulness, fairness. It will help it grow in long term. It will help to build a positive image in minds of employees, clients, suppliers. Arjuna asked. "but if competitors don't abide by values, how we will survive in such markets", Shrikrishna said, "Its a long term game, in short term competitors may go ahead but in long term only you will win if you abide by principles."

Goodwill is built only by doing right things. Loyalty can be achieved only by values. Wrong marketing should be strictly avoided. False promises should be avoided.

Arjuna had a question, "Sometimes situations changed and keeping promise can result into losses for business", Shrikrishna explained, "such situations can be explained to people in advance but if they don't agree we have to deliver as per our promise as that will create a positive image and it will result in gains in future."

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