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Shrikrishna on Problem Solving

21.11.18 12:59 PM By CA Jayant Kadge

Shrikrishna on Problem Solving

One Day Shrikrishna saw Arjuna dreadful and anxious. He asked Arjuna what happened. Arjuna said that one of his customers have asked him to settle old dues and close the contract. Shrikrishna smiled and said there is nothing to worry about in this world. Yes you must be concerned but you should not be worried. Shrikrishna said ahead, Many a times we are overwhelmed with problems in life. We feel it is end of tunnel. We are doomed. It's the end. We are pushed to the wall. We feel there is no bouncing back now. But you will think on it more you will know that you are still alive and you have survived all your past supposed ends. It just means what you thought to be end was not so.  

We were thinking too much into it.  


What to do when we are trapped in such situations. There is a very simple trick which will help you to overcome this feelings in few minutes. It's that magical trick. It's call SPREAD. Whenever I face any big issues I use this method and in a short period I am back to normal. This method has never failed me. I am excited to share it with you.  


Whenever next time u are facing a problem which u think will end you , u take a pen and pencil and write down the problem. Next step is to add few more words to this sentence describing the issue.  


I will explain this with a example.  


One of the most dreadful problem for any employee is that - I am fired. This can send shivers through the spine of most of the people.  


Let's see how to solve this problem.  


Write down the problem in one sentence.  


I lost job - I lost my earnings, my respect, I am jobless, my career is doomed, my family will be affected.  


Now add few words to it and then study the issue again and see how it is affecting you and what it means to you.  


I lost MY job - here I have added the word MY now let's see what Impact it has on life - now it means my wife still has her life and she can support me till I get new job. It means my family is still safe.  


Next version.  


I lost my job again - what it means - this is not be first time and if last time I could find new job in few days even this time I will find new job quickly and it is not such a big problem.  


Next version  


I Lost my job but now I free to focus on new business idea for which I was not getting time - what it means - losing job is good thing in disguise.  


Next version  


I lost my job and I got a notice period of one month - what it means - problem is not an immediate one and I can still find new job and I have one month's salary in hand to survive next month.  


Next version -  


I lost my job and not hope and not my life - it means job is not my life and it's just part of life and it's not end but a roadblock in life and I can fight it.  


Next version  


I lost my current job and now I have opportunity to explore new job - new job new opportunities, new people , new systems , new places so new start to my life  


Next version  


I lost of job due to misunderstanding on behalf of management - it means it was just my bad luck and I am still worthy of my profile and I can still go back and explain management and get back my job.  


I think by now you must have understood the Spread method of problem solving. You will be amazed that in few minutes you feel so much light and relaxed and feel good about yourself and situation. It gives you strength to fight the situation in few minutes.