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Shrikrishna on Importance of Vision

12.11.18 12:38 PM By CA Jayant Kadge

Vision gives direction and clarity

Shrikrishna started the car, Arjuna asked him excitedly, "So where we are going today? you asked to be ready by 5 and here I am," Shrikrishna said "I am not sure where we are headed". Arjuna said "Ohh its a secret, wow, so by what time we are back, as i have to go out on dinner, i have promised my kids", Shrikrishna said, "Sorry but i am not sure when will be back", now Arjuna was bit angry but he asked politely, "Whats our plan, i am totally confused'. Shrikrishna said i don't know, lets start then see how it goes". Arjuna was upset now, he said " Can he please know whats happening". Now krishna laughed and said " Arjuna when you cant go on for one day without planning how can you run your business without any strategy?" Arjuna knew that Krishna made a big point today.

Arjuna asked, "As we move ahead, situations change, we change, markets change, then how it affctes our vision, Shrikrishna said, "Vision is not fixed and it also changes as per all these things, but to start we need a direction and clarity and thats the purpose of vision. Vision keeps us motivated and it doesnt allow us to get affcted by small difficulties along the way. Vision helps us to communicate to others so that they can help us in our journey."