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What to do when we are trapped in difficult situations and not able to solve problems on hand. There is a very simple trick which will help you to overcome this feeling of helplessness in few minutes. It's the magical trick called SPREAD.
21.11.18 12:59 PM - Comment(s)

Once Arjuna said to Shrikrishna, "I was amazed that day when you explained Nakula how a start up can save on expenses, I have one of my friend and after 5 years into business, he always faces problem of cash crunch. Do you have any suggestions for him? He will be vbery happy if you cans ave him...

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After taking inspiration from Arjuna, his younger brother Nakula also wanted to start his own venture. One day he met Shrikrishna over lunch in Arjunas Office. He said to Shrikrishna, "I heard you telling Satyvan that financial discipline can make or break a SME business. How true it is. I am s...

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Shrikrishna explained what are real risks for SMEs to Arjuna's Friend who is manufacturer.
14.11.18 04:05 PM - Comment(s)
Shrikrishna explains Arjuna that Internal Audit is an essential part of any organisation
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