Biz Brains Systems
Biz Brains Systems
Your virtual CEO and CFO
Biz Brains Systems
Biz Brains Systems
Your virtual CEO and CFO
  • Build YOUR Business Systems

    Lead in your business segment with better products, service, better profitability and minimal Risks WITH GREAT SYSTEMS
  • Run a Risks-free Business

    Have peace of mind by Identifying the risks in your business and mitigating them
  • Achieve the Goals easily

    Define the Key Performance Areas of every function and achieve it faster
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Whats your B2S Score

B2S score is the most scientific score of your business which lets you know where your business stands today and what you need to do to take it to next level.

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Unless you learn from your past experience and gather that knowledge into systems, keep eye on your risks and make strategies and plan for your future, your cant grow your business and lead in your field.

We help you in your above endeavor and make it easy for you. We specialise in development of customised Business systems and audit of the same. With our on field experience of over 14 years working with Multinationals, Corporates and hundreds of SMEs, we exactly know what it takes to build world class systems which deliver more Profits and lowest Risks.

What Clients are saying about Us

Arjuna Series

For every businessman, his business is not less than a battlefield and he needs a Shrikrishna to guide him in this fierce market competition. We have started this series of blogs where modern day Shrikrishna guides thew Arjuna in business battles. 

Arjuna was a great warrior himself but he needed guidance of Shrikrishna to clear various doubts. With Shrikrishna's Guidance, he won the Kurushetra war for Pandavas. Likewise every businessman is himself capable but needs guidance to win in business. 

Shrikrishna advise on business systems and risks

Shrikrishna on Internal Audit

Internal audit is the routine health check up of your business to identify illness well in time.

Shrikrishna on Systems

Systems ensure that your existing business runs on auto-pilot and you can focus on growing it

Shrikrishna on Business Values

Only good values can guarantee you Goodwill and long run in the business.